Design Concept

Here are some of the designs we often prepare as part of this stage: floor and ceiling plans, master plans for ceiling engineering systems, layout plans for circuit breakers, lighting devices and electrical equipment, placement of furniture and equipment, axonometric decoration schemes, sketches of custom-made elements, drawings and specifications, etc.

2021 | 440м2 | Dubai
All Inclisive: Design + full-fledged architectural supervision

Design and turn-key implementation. We manage all aspects of the project, from the concept to the final finishing touches. We develop an exclusive design plan, take care of the outfitting and furnishing of the space, and carry out architectural supervision.

Vortex | House
2020 | 200m2 | Turkey
Furniture and Equipment

Outfitting includes selecting, procuring, and delivering materials and furniture necessary to bring the idea to life. We take care of the entire project, from arranging the furniture and appliances in the sketches and visualizations to placing items in your finished space.

2020 | 200m2 | Ukraine
Engineering systems and communications

Innovation and comfort. We will create specifications and plans to include the best technical, architectural, and construction solutions in your project: engineering systems and communications, security and control systems, landscape design, and much more.

Studio 44
2019 | 50m2 | Ukraine
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