ADACO is a Ukrainian design studio that offers functional solutions for your business.

Denis Dmitriev

Denis is an expert in the management of business processes. Having spent over 10 years in sales, he created and successfully brought several startups to the international market.

Denis exemplifies ADACO’s rational and ambitious approach. Our CEO demands consistency, clarity, and efficiency from himself and our team.

We work all over the world; we know the local specifics and take them into account when working on a project.

Oleksandra Guliaeva
Art Director

Oleksandra is a person with an absolute feel and passion for design. Under her belt is a degree in architecture and 12 years of experience as an interior designer.

Oleksandra’s sophisticated taste and talent cannot be concealed: our art director’s touch can be clearly seen from the visualizations developed at her own studio Guliaeva Interiors.

Together, we successfully solve any issues and work as confidently and selflessly as Ukraine is fighting for peace.

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